Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sherlock Holmes-Solitary Cyclist

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This is one of the quintessential additions to the traditional Sherlock Holmes collection.

It begins with a young and very pretty cyclist who seeks the help of Dectective Holmes because she is being followed on her bicycle during her work commute in the country. Holmes is initially involved in other experiments and studies, and is at first is not interested in hearing her case. But he soon gains interest as she presents herself as a poised and learned potential client, and Watson is intrigued by her beauty and her persistence.

It turns out that there is a plot against this woman that is unknown to her, and the antagonist is soon revealed as the one most interested in saving her life.

This episode is quite "delightful" in that in entails the elements that compromise a classic Holmes tale. It incorporates blunt and direct references to Holmes's cocaine addiction, along with his desire to solve every case, as this one along with many he regards as irresistible due to its complicated nature. There is also an opportunity for him to teach Watson, and a comic element is incorporated when Holmes's friend and college proves himself as yet again, inferior to Holmes's sleuthing abilities

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