Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Races, Faces

Throughout history there have been people who have done things for their people. Great or small. some have changed nations and some, well we never got to hear of them.

Has it never struck you as odd that the only people willing to do a suicide mission are Arabs and Asians. Arabs we know that that from their fighting methods in an uneven war and their more extreme facets that we all know of. The Asians, Japanese for example were willing to fly planes into the ships and blow up with them. Man that's another whole level of sacrifice.

But black people and white people, hmmm, no sir. I never heard of that kinda behavior. is it because these two groups are that selfish?

To some extent I do think so. I mean if you are willing to sue your father or your kid for money i don't think you are about to turn around and blow yourself up to save the guy who lives three blocks away. whom you have never saw. This mode of behavior is rampant in white and black communities.

Don't get me wrong, black people and white people have sacrificed. But you see when these fellas go to fight they have every intention of COMING BACK ALIVE. All those 19 year old boys in Falujah, they all think they are giong survive like their favorite character in GI-Joe. Unfortunately fo them this is not a cartoon script. I don't think they would knowingly enter into a "death only" situation.

White people trying to run the world, black people trying to run the underworld and everyone else is just in between. Crazy stuff.

Which brings me to the point of colonization. White people moved on the black people fast. Black people hadn't even got their act together, they was probably going like "We the only motherfuckers on this planet-we rule this joint."
The weaponry at that time sufficient. To them, probably there was no need to get sophisticated with weapons. So everyone was chilling.

Another point, the first white people to show up in Africa we the Portuguese, especially in Southern Africa. There were passive, no threat there. False sense of security

Then them other white cats just pounced on then black folk. Wraw! Just like that. Before you knew it Prince Seka was picking cotton on some farm in south America.

That was a fast one.

Eventually, religion got the better of them white cats, pretty sure sure not all of them. So they sent the black folk off back home.

But you see there was a problem there, the new dogs in town didn't mix well with the old dogs, and lets just say they didn't agree on who should be leading the pack.

Time zoomed by and they was in the 20th century and them dogs were still going at each other, fight was now now about "who is your daddy." So on any occasion there are at least half a dozen dog fights, any less than that, it's been a good year.

The white cats on realizing that the dogs could actually build some good stuff if they stopped them fights take it upon themselves to fan these burning fires as much as they can whilst keeping an ever so straight face. With the other hand stealing the candy form under the dog's nose

Who could blame them, it's their nature for these cats to be cunning. As long as the dogs be running around playing "who's your daddy" and not realise they got the best candy. Everything is okay for the cats.

Is it right, is it moral and this brings me to the idea of religion.

I personally do not have anything against religion. In fact I think that without religion humans would be just a pack of intelligent wolves tearing away from each other.

Religion introduces an aspect of morality into society. It moderates behavior by preventing the degradation of accepted behavior.

I think you should either be a religious person or not. No fence sitting. I hate this diluted version of religion.

"I am a Christian and I am gay." It's either you are one or the other, you can't be both as these two behavior modes are antagonistic.

I don't know much about Islam but i wanna know what the Koran says about the "going ons" in a club because clearly more than just dancing "goes down" in there be continued

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